What is the log used for?

The Log is a unique and vibrant venue for students from all class years as well as alumni, staff, faculty, and community members to gather together for entertainment, activities, good conversation, and great food and drink.

Who runs the restaurant in the Log?

The Log features a variety of excellent food and beverages provided by the professional hospitality team who run Hops & Vines.

When is the Log be open?

11am-3pm brunch
5pm-10pm dinner (bar all day until 11pm)

4pm-10pm dinner (bar all day until 11pm)

4pm-11pm dinner (bar until 12am)

11:30am-3pm lunch
5pm-11pm dinner (bar all day until 12am)

*Late Night Menu served from 9:30 p.m. daily

The Log Lunch lecture series will be held here on Friday afternoons (no public lunch available).

How do I pay for my meals?

Only cash or credit cards are accepted. Since the Log restaurant is a free-standing operation run by a local hospitality group, meal plans and EphPoints cannot be used. If you represent a student group or are a staff/faculty member dining on official college business, you may use your assigned Williams Purchasing Card to pay for your meals.

Do I have to buy food or drink to use the Log?

No, students don’t have to buy anything to enjoy use of the Log. If you do choose to eat, however, currently enrolled Williams students will enjoy a 30% discount off of their food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases after 3:00 p.m.

How does the student discount work?

Current Williams students who eat at the Log will receive a 30% discount after 3:00 p.m. on food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases only.  Your server is required to ask for and verify your College ID card, which will be swiped to ensure that you are a currently enrolled Williams student. This discount is not available for alcoholic beverages and only applies to meals eaten in The Log.

You cannot get the discount without your ID!

The discount only applies to the individual student whose ID card is shown, not for multiple guests. Two examples:

  • If there are 4 Williams students at a table, each student would have to show their own ID card to qualify for the discount.
  • If there are 4 Williams students and 2 non-student guests at the table, those non-student guests would have to pay full price, even if they have IDs from another college.

Please be sure to tip your server based on the full, pre-discounted amount! Servers are NOT College employees so appropriate tipping is critical to ensuring Hops & Vines can get and retain the best staff for the Log.

Can I bring in my own food or beverages?

No, the Log should be treated like any other restaurant in town. If you’d like to eat or drink anything, you’ll have to purchase it at the Log.

Can I bring my backpack or water bottle?

This is a tough one. Having a liquor license in a student space makes things complicated when it comes to backpacks and water bottles. Just like in any full-service restaurant, there is a strong preference that you don’t bring your backpack or water bottle to protect the integrity of alcohol service enforcement. At the same time, we understand that students carry their backpacks everywhere during the day and may want to go directly to the Log without stopping off at their room to drop off their belongings. With that in mind, we have the following advice for how things will go when we open the Log:

  • As often as possible, please do not bring your backpack and water bottles to the Log.
  • If you do wind up bringing in a water bottle, you’ll be asked to empty it out before entering.
  • Backpacks and water bottles will not be allowed at all after 8:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

How do I reserve space for my group?

The Log cannot be closed for private events, but will take reservations for groups of 10 or larger. Please be sure to check out the activities and entertainment scheduled for that evening.

Can I go in the Log building when the restaurant is closed?

No. The building is only accessible when the restaurant is operating.